Astrid's Web Page

Reach for the sky
Don't break my heart,
Are there no angels, only us?
Look how they've changed me
See what they've done
It has begun
(IQ - Further Away)

Welcome... You've stumbled upon my web page.

Take a look at my Amber gaming page, if you're interested. Black Unicorn is a still up and running Amber campaign (FTF) that has been around since 1993. I'm not going to explain to you what Amber is. If you're here you should either know, or you will never find out.
Cave of Sleepers is a PBEM Amber game that was started in 1999, and it's status varies between inactive and active. As I think it has good survival instincts, I'm not calling it dead.

Then, for the diehards, there are some AmberMUSH logs. I don't recommend them to sane people. MUSHing is on-line RP'ing, where all prose is distorted through time constraints. I've tested it often, and just believe me: you have to be a MUSHer to enjoy MUSHlogs. I was active on AmberMUSH between 1995 and 1997 mostly as Nes. I stopped because I needed a life outside MUSHing. All of you who have been there, know exactly what I mean...

What? You came here to see my picture? I'm terribly sorry, I don't have one, since I don't own a scanner.

And if you still want to know more about me? Well, you can always chance my labyrinth of words  - an old project that I started once and never finished. Most links will be hopelessly out of date, but you can read around if you wish.... A combination of songtexts, poetry, musings. Lots of words, and most of them were spoken long before I could ever think of them.