BeOS stuff
by Gertjan van Ratingen
31-jul-2000: BamBam V0.9.6 (x86)
05-jun-2000: Lame 3.70 (x86 + sources)
18-apr-2000: BamBam V0.9.5 (x86 and PPC)
12-dec-1999: Pebbles prototype


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More audio stuff:
Le Buzz
and at Marco's

BamBam (BeOS Audio Master)   screenshot
BamBam, an award winning audio editor/recorder, enables you to:
  • monitor the audio input in a few different ways
  • select input (CD, line in, microphone)
  • record audio input (44100 Hz 16bit stereo)
  • load AIFF, WAV and 8SVX samples
  • edit the sampledata (cut,copy,paste)
  • play (parts of) the sampledata
  • save (parts of) the data as an AIFF or WAV file
  • reverse, clear, swap channels, change volume
  • convert between 8 and 16 bit, and between mono and stereo
  • change the samplerate
Here are the latest versions:
BamBam V0.9.6 x86 R5 (119 kb)
BamBam V0.9.5 x86 R5 (117 kb)
BamBam V0.9.5 PPC R4.5 (72 kb)
BamBam V0.9.5 x86 R4.5 (112 kb)
BamBam V0.9.3 PPC R4 (77 kb)
BamBam V0.9.3 x86 R4 (107 kb)
Pebbles   screenshot
Features: multiple tracks, non-destructive editing, reduced memory needs (no need to swap), add-on filters.
Version 0.4.1 is the multitrack player prototype, and available for download.

pebbles V0.4.1 PPC R4.5 (65 kb)
pebbles V0.4.1 x86 R4.5 (133 kb)
Bong   screenshot
Anybody remember the arcade killer PONG ? Here's my BeOS version!
Read some more info about this release of Bong.
Bong V1.4 PPC R4 (19 kb)
Bong V1.4 x86 R4 (29 kb)
Bong V1.4 sources (17 kb)
And if you want some audiobits to go with it, download one of the sound archives. After downloading, unzip it. This will create a directory called 'bongdata', which you should place at the same spot as the Bong executable. Start Bong, click your mouse on the playfield, and from the popupmenu select Sound>Samples. That's all! Beavis & Butthead samples (159 kb)
Southpark samples (145 kb)
ISO9660 driver with Joliet support
I have updated the iso9660 driver sources a bit, to be able to use CDROMs which contain a Joliet filesystem extension (usually made for/by MS Windows). This driver runs ONLY on BeOS R4 !! (PPC and x86 R4, 43 kb) (sources, 117 kb)
Eyes will be looking at you, lots of eyes. There's also some scary sound. And above all: darkness! SpookyBlanker PPC R3 (240 kb, with source)
Lha is a tool to archive files and directories, something like ZIP or ARJ. lha101u sources (58 kb, tar/gzip)
lha (PPC R3/R4, 24 kb, zipped)
Lame   screenshot of v3.32 GUI
Lame is a fast, high quality mp3 encoder. I didn't write it, I just made some changes to make it compile on BeOS. To create Lame, unzip the lame-source-archive in /boot/home, start a Terminal, and type:
$ cd lame3.70
$ make
(lots of activity from the compiler)
$ cp lame ~/config/bin
That's it. To encode a file from the Terminal:
$ lame inputfile.aiff outputfile.mp3
Just type 'lame' to see all the options to set bitrate etc., and/or look at the documentation in the lame3.70/doc/html directory.
Lame3.70 x86 R4.5 (107 kb)
Lame3.70 sources (290 kb)
Lame3.32 PPC R4 (with GUI) (97 kb)
Lame3.32 x86 R4 (with GUI) (155 kb)
Lame3.32 sources for BeOS (241 kb)

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