Revision history of BamBam:

- spacebar to start/stop playing (range, or from insertpoint, or visible display)
- 3rd displayformat: secs.milliseconds
- better handling of malformed AIFF-files

- fixed bug in player (crashed when total samplesize was a multiple of playbuffer size)
- BamBam now exits properly (I hope :) when all windows are closed.

- expanded Marco's zoomrange (zoom in on 2 visible samples!)
- improved cut-copy-paste between windows
- compiled on BeOS R4.5

- BSoundPlayer initialises with correct media_format struct
- converts stereo-to-mono from left, right or both channels

- fixed "9 sec" bug in recorder

- fixed "dropped buffers" bug in recorder

- uses the new Media Kit
- player optimised (uses 5...90% less CPU, sounds better too)

- display time as "mm:ss:mmm" or frames
- fixed 'int32'-bug in position & range display

- recorder uses less CPU, for better performance on 66 MHz BeBoxen
- recording-to-disk now opens a BFile (seems to perform better than a FILE *).
- saved files now have MIMEtype audio/x-aiff, audio/x-wav or audio/x-raw
  (can you tell I got a visit from the MIME police? ;-)
- loads AIFF ADPCM files (level A,B,C; mono and stereo)
- end-of-selected-range is better calculated
- finally, after two years, a better looking icon!

- recording is more robust (buffered; runs as realtime thread)
- some recorder-window fixes (decent VU-display, resizable timeline.
  show recording-info)
- show playposition as timecode
- fixed bug with loading of stereo 8SVX files

- fixed bug with AIFF-load/save on x86 machines

- fixed bug with saving empty 'MARK'-chunk
- removed 'fact' chunk from WAV file (it'll come back)

- added AIFF marker support
- x86 version made on BeBox (with crosscompiler of CodeWarrior)

- fixed recording-to-disk bug on little-endian systems

- compiles on PPC- and x86-versions of BeOS
- added support for big- and little endian issues
- data can be saved in WAV format
- some minor bugfixes

- DAC Stream can be recorded
- redraw recorder's timeline if needed
- fixed resampling bug (which halved the volume)
- fixed distortion in BamPlayer's resample routine

- start of recording can be triggered by first input
- info shows samplesize in bits-per-sample
- checks samplerate of DACstream before each play
- adjusts to height of menubar
- larger buttons
- interpolation-bug fixed in player
- message-view moved to bottom of window

- mimetype-stuff added, so you can drop files on the application-icon to load
- save data as raw file
- sets type of saved data to "audio/aiff" or "audio/x-raw"
- fixed bug of quickly dropping file on opened window
- current samplerate can be changed
- plays samplerates < 44100 Hz with much better quality
- resamples with better quality

- added choice of colortype (light/dark)
- fixed bug opening/closing filepanels
- windows have a minimal size
- some minor GUI fixes
- window now really closes if file has been saved during a Close
- submitted for the August BeOS Masters Awards

- some cleanup in the sourcecodes
- recorder-view now buffers draw-requests to save CPU time

- added application icon (thanks to Marco's directions)

- recompiled for PR-DR9
- changed index_for_color to BScreen::IndexForColor
- made recorder-window resizable

- resample to new samplerate
- buttons drawn using the all-mighty IconWorld
- added buttonstrip
- fixed redraw of progress-bar

- samplerateconversion to play samplerates other than 44100
- output is mixed with audiostream
- fixed nasty record-to-ram bug
- adc_reader sends messages to record-view for drawing

- recompiled for AAPR-DR9
- changed sound-I/O (streams and subscribers and stuff)
- updated filepanels and other little thingies
- a new window is opened for each recorded sample
- selecting a range no longer locks window
- changed layout of views
- support for powermacs: samples are recorded and played at
  the default 44100 Hz / 16bit / stereo
- resizing samplewindow now works

- moving scrollbar redraws everything (viewscrolling did not work
  too well)
- samplewindow can be resized (this part is not 100% bugfree!)

- moving scrollbar scrolls view instead of redrawing everything

- fixed bug in drawing play-position outside selected range
- range-start and -end can be moved with top handles
- insert-point can be moved with top-handle
- show begin- and endtime while selecting or adjusting range
- 'change volume' sliders are now initially set at 100%
- show cursorposition as time
- fixed clipping bug in loading 8-bit WAV files
- new play-buttons and range-buttons

- changed program-design (functions moved to SampleWindow class)
- copy and paste of ranges
- range can be saved to AIFF-file
- fixed drawing bug when selecting range
- extra drawingmode in record window: VU meter
- beautyfied the progress-bar
- mono - stereo conversion
- 8 - 16 bit conversion
- change volume of range
- swap channels of range
- adjust DC offset of range
- copy buffer can be played
- swap copy-buffer and main buffer
- load raw files (and assume it's 16-bit stereo)

- fixed bug which caused record-to-file to stop after one second
  if a record-to-ram was done earlier.

- seconds-indicators in sampleview
- added an "accurate" drawing mode for sampleview
- progress-indicator when loading or saving samples
- loop option when playing audiodata

- display sampleinformation in lower right corner
- added filepanel to recordwindow, to set name of outputfile
- sampledata is no longer converted to 16bit stereo at load-time,
  but at playing-time (to save memory)
- fixed bug which caused BamBam to play beyond the buffer-space

- playing of total sample or selected ranges
- indicator of play-position in sampleview
- buttonbar below sampleview
- fixed bug which crashed BamBam when Record-window was opened a
  second time
- fixed another bug which crashed BamBam when Open.. was selected from menu
- 8 bit and/or mono AIFF/WAV supported (internally converted to 16bit stereo)
- changed name from AM to BamBam

- loading of AIFF and WAV files (16bit stereo, PCM sampleformat)
- loading of 8SVX files (8bit mono, internally converted to 16bit stereo)
- dropping a file on sampleview or on application-icon will also load it
- zoom in/out, horizontal scrollbar added to sampleview
- selection of range possible
- first range-functions: cut/clear/max_volume/reverse

- "record-to-ram" function
- window to show the recorded sample
- saving of ram-data to an AIFF file
- writing to file (in record-to-file) now done by another BLooper
  using double-buffering

V0.0 (a.k.a. "AM")
- show incoming audio-data in a window
- incoming audiodata can be saved to a file