Atlantic Wall Museum Noordwijk, the Netherlands

The Atlantic Wall Museum Noordwijk is a museum housed in a series of bunkers from the Second World War. Through an exhibition located in a command post bunker and a guided tour (reservation required) through tunnels an idea can be formed about life in bunkers. In addition, one learns how the European coast was transformed into a fortress by the Germans.

There are over 150 photographs to be seen and several artefacts. It is therefore very worthwhile to visit the Atlantikwall Museum.

The exhibition begins with a series of pictures documenting the Atlantikwall from Norway up to the French/Spanish Border. There are photographs of the work of our volunteers on what has been achieved in recent years. There is also a radio room and telephone room decorated. An observation space with a viewing slit can be visited.

Two photos of the bunker complex in the dunes.

Left, the museum in the dunes, right, intercommunication staircase between floors.

Left: the middle observation room; right: two visitors in the museum.

Model of the corridor. (J.v.d.Zalm)

At 250 meters from the road named 'Bosweg' in the dunes a three-storey fire control post and a corridor are located, which were part of "Batterie Noordwijk". Volunteers have worked in recent years to enable to open the corridors to the public.
It is now possible to visit the museum located in a three-storey fire control post. During a guided tour an artillery bunker and some shelters for the men can be visited. For this guided tour reservations are required.
In 2014 approximately 6300 visitors visited our museum and corridor.
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