the Society

Society Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk  

Board of management: 

President : Victor Salman
Vice President : Jan Heus
Secretary : Johan Gieske
Treasurer : Rogier Dekker
Member : Cor van Duin
Member: Jeroen van der Zalm


Wilhelminastraat 43, 2201 KB Noordwijk, 

Bankaccount: IBAN: NL23INGB0009185700
tnv St. Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk 
Wilhelminastraat 43
2201 KB Noordwijk

Webmasters: Paul Harff en Dolf Harff

Objective of our Society

The goal of the Society is to protect and restore the defense works, and make it a museum. As a first step, FL246 ammunition bunker has been made into an exhibit. 

The complex is opened each year in the period May / August. All this in close cooperation with the Municipality of Noordwijk and the Water Board Rhineland. 


What we have achieved

Since the establishment of the foundation Atlantic Museum Noordwijk in 2001, much has been accomplished. In 2004 the museum was opened in one of the bunkers of the battery. That same year, began with the excavation of the first part of the dungeon, containing the located fire control bunker and artillery bunker. In 2007 this part of the dungeon for the open to the public. In 2008, a portion of the tank barrier, which during the war the boulevard stood at the museum. In 2012 began the excavation of a second part of the dungeon of the battery, while the previously excavated portion continually being renovated.

Delegation Province of South Holland visiting Atlantic Museum Noordwijk, July 24, 2012

Han Weber, deputy of the Province South Holland, visiting Atlantic Museum Noordwijk.
Here, the deputy the paper 'Planning for the Future "by Victor Salman (left in photo) received.

Creation Platform Heritage Noordwijk, August 2009

Creation Platform Heritage Noordwijk, consisting of: De Oude Dorpskern, Stichting Veldzicht, Genootschap "Oud Noordwijk" en Atlantikwall Museum.

Opening bunker complex in the dunes; 5 mei 2007

(photo D. Harff)
The mayor and the deputy dijkgraaf opened the bunker complex.
This was followed by a tour of the impressive tunnel.

Opening museumyear 2006; 5 May 2006

(photo Jan Heus)
Mayor Groen from Noordwijk and mister Salman, president "Stichting Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk", signed an agreement for the next 15 years.