Battery Noordwijk 1940 - 1945, German seacoast battery in the Netherlands

Battery Noordwijk 1940 - 1945;
German seacoast battery in the Netherlands
P. Harff en D. Harff

ISBN 9789081670715

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The 15th of May: The Netherlands is overwhelmed by the German Army. In Belgium and France the battles continue. The Dutch army has collapsed, the defensive positions are deserted and the coast is open for a counter attack by the British. The German naval unit was ordered to go to the Dutch coast to set up a temporary coastal defence at the harbours. After the conquest of England, the coastal defences would no longer be necessary. As it became clear that England would not be defeated, the coastal defences became more permanent. On March 23, 1942 Führer Directive Number 40 called for the official creation of the Atlantic Wall.
Artillery posts between the harbours were constructed, one of which was at Noordwijk.
In this report, the authors follow the German artillerymen of the post at Noordwijk. It is described how a unit came from Germany, via IJmuiden, to Noordwijk. And chronologically, what they met and could see from war events.

The study report is written in the English language.
The English language was corrected by dr. J.P. Elliott
The report has a size of about 17 cm by 24 cm. It contains 148 pages with over 240 photographs, mostly in the war period taken. Besides these pictures there are many illustrations as German sketches, bunker floor plans and maps.

Soldiers showering by the pool on the battery MAA201 Noordwijk. (G. Slats)

The printed study report is available for historians who study the Atlantic Wall: