The Boys Next Door Discography

7"    1978 "These Boots Are Made For Walking"/"Boy Hero" March '78,
           1000 - 1500 copies.
                    Suicide 103140

LP/CD 1978 "Lethal Weapons", compilation of Aussie punk bands. May 1978. 
           The original Suicide release exists in both black and white
           vinyl. A white label promo of the Mushroom rerelease exists 
           as well. Boys Next Door tracks are:
                These Boots Are Made For Walking
                Masturbation Generation
                Boy Hero
                    Suicide VXL 2407
                    Suicide VXLI 4072
                    Mushroom Records L27112 (White Label 1983 rerelease)
                    Aztec Music, AVSCD028 (CD rerelease in 2007)

CA    1979 "From The Archives" Aussie cassette contains "Scatterbrain",
           as well as the track "Enemy Of State" by the Torn Ox Bodeys
           (anagram of Boys Next Door). 1982 rerelease also contains
           "Ho Ho" (sung by Nick), and "Pleasure Heads" (live 15/1/82).
                    Missing Link

7"    1979 "Shivers"/"Dive Position". Exists with two different designs.
           Purple sleeve with Mushroom printed on it, as well as on the
           label, or purple sleeve with Festival on it, with mushrooms
           drawn on the label, as well as the contour of Australia.
           Original copies have old Mushroom beige label.
                    Mushroom K7492

LP/CD 1979 "Door Door". Contents:
CA              The Nightwatchman
                Brave Exhibitions
                Friends Of My World
                The Voice
                Roman Roman
                Somebody's Watching
                After A Fashion
                Dive Position
                I Mistake Myself
                    Mushroom Records, D 19227, L 19227 and C 19227
                    Mushroom, L 36931
                    Mute, DOORCD 1 (1993 rerelease)
                    Alfa Records, (Japanese rerelease)
                    IRS CD 971.281 (1993 rerelease)

EP    1979 "Hee Haw" 1st pressing 500 copies included an insert sheet.
           (Some of?) first pressing had labels on the wrong sides.
           December 1979. Later released as a Birthday Party EP.
                A Catholic Skin 
                The Red Clock 
                Faint Heart
                Death By Drowning
                The Hair Shirt
                    Missing Link, MLEP-3 
                    Missing Link, ING 008 (rerelease)

7"    1979 "Scatterbrain", gig freebie at the Crystal Ballroom in 
           St. Kilda. 500 copies with band picture. November 1979.
                    Crystal Ballroom CBR 1

7"    1979 "Hangin' Around The House/Holiday House" by Peter Lillee
           and the Leisuremasters, has Mick Harvey playing guitar,
           and in the June 1979 Roadrunner, Bruce Milne says (in his 
           independent singles column) of the same single, "I'm not one 
           to spread possible blackmail rumours but the Boys Next Door 
           can be heard on the flip singing 'grouse' at the end of the 
           lines." At least Phill and Mick are doing background vocals.
                    Missing Link MLS4 

7"    1980 "Samurai Star/The Man From Brashs/Dangerman Theme" by Peter Lillee
           features Mick Harvey, Rowland S. Howard and Phill Calvert.  
                    Missing Link MLS12 

7"    1980 "Happy Birthday"/"Riddle House", also a gig give-away,
           750 copies. February 1980.
                    Missing Link, MLS 16 

LP    1980 "The Birthday Party", originally credited to Boys Next Door.
           1982 rerelease has a different cover, and doesn't mention 
           Boys Next Door anymore.
                Mr. Clarinet
                Hats On Wrong
                The Hair Shirt
                Guilt Parade
                Riddle House
                The Friend Catcher
                Waving My Arms
                The Red Clock
                Cat Man
                Happy Birthday 
                    Missing Link, Link 7

CD    2005 "Alternative Animals", Australian punk scene compilation + CDrom, including
           interview and recordings from the 28/04/78 Melbourne concert.
                Sex Crimes
                Secret Life (on CDrom)
                Success Story (on CDrom)
                    AA001 Hock

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