Books by Nick Cave

mag   1986 "Forced Exposure" Massachusetts fanzine contains one-act
           plays by Nick Cave. (Please visit the incredible From The Archives site
           for more info on the 50 one-act plays.)

book  1987 "Judas Jesus" by Rolf Vasellari, Black Sheep Press (Zurich,
           Switzerland) 1 contribution (7 lines on Dave-id of the Virgin
           Prunes) by Nick Cave.

book  1988 "King Ink", mostly lyrics. Black Spring Press. Both hardcover
           and paper back. Japanese version has pictures. Italian
           version is called Re Inkiostro, Arcana
           Editrice Srl ISBN 88-85859-44-5. In the US in 1993 published
           by 2.13.61 Publications, Los Angeles. Later published
           by Last Gasp. German version with translations published by
           Peter Selinka Verlag, Ravensburg, 1992, ISBN 3 926532 32 7.
           There is also a Greek version with Greek translations.
           There is also a French version with French translations.
           Has also been translated into Czech, in 1995 by Mata, 
           ISBN 80901590-8-7 as "King Ink (krl smrk)".
           The Spanish version is titled "Canciones y Prosa - King Ink"
           and published by Espiral.

book  1989 "And The Ass Saw The Angel" novel. Hard Cover: Black Spring 
           Press. Since 1990 Penguin Pocket edition available. 
           US Edition has different covers. Hardback: Harper/Collins 
           (9/90) Paperback: Bantam or Ballentine. 
           `Uncorrected proof paperback' (red cover with black type:
           Harper Collins 0-06-016491-3)  
           Also translated into 
           Bulgarian:  "I Magareto Vidja Angela"
           Czech:      "A Oslice Uzrela Andela" (1995 by Argo, ISBN 80-85794-55-1)
           Danish:     "Da Aeslet Saa Englen"
           Dutch:      "En de Ezelin zag de Engel"
           Finnish:    "Kun Aasintamma n"aki herran Enkelin"
           French:     "Et l'Ane vit l'Ange"
           German:     "Und die Eselin sah den Engel"
              (R. Piper GmbH & Co, Munchen 1993 ISBN 3-492-11869-0)
           Hebrew      (Published by Gnavim, 2000, ISBN-965-411-304-X)
           Hungarian:  "E's megla'ta' a szama'r az u'rnak angyala't"
           Italian:    "E l'Asina vide l'Angelo"
              Arcana Editrice Srl ISBN 88-85859-70-4
           Japanese:   "Kami no mitsukai" (i.e. "The God's Servant",
                       released in two volumes).
           Kroatian:   "I Magarica Ugleda Andela"
           Norwegian:  "Eselet sa herrens Engel"
           Polish:     "Gdy oslica ujrzala aniola"
           Portuguese: "E o Burro viu o Anjo"
           Russian:    "    "
           Serbian:     (2000 copies in 1990, by 'Produkcija DOM')
           Spanish:    "El Asno vio al Angel"

book  1991 "Sleep With The Devil" by Michael J. McCauley - biography
           of Jim Thompson. Opening page reprints "Prayers On Fire"
           with credits to Nick Cave. Mysterious Press (US).

book  1993 "AS-FIX-E-8", a comic by Lydia Lunch and Nick Cave. Artwork:
           Mike Matthews. 35 pages. Published by Last Gasp.
           ISBN 0-86719-233-X

book  1993 "Fish In A Barrel", Peter Milne's photobook contains
           besides all the great pictures an intro and interview
           written by Nick. Published by Tender Prey; 
           ISBN 0 9522048 5 1 (Paperback), ISBN 0 9522048 0 0 (Hardback).

book  1994 "Nick Cave - Let Love In", small Spanish booklet with English
           and Spanish Let Love In lyrics, as well as a brief prologue
           by the translator Alberto Manzano. Published by Celeste, 
           Madrid, ISBN 84-87553-91-5.

book  1996 "Murder Ballads" a music book out for Murder Ballads, with 
           arrangements for piano and guitar. 48 pages, 8.95 Pounds.
           Published by Wise Publications, AM 937651. ISBN 0-7119-5815-7
           There also is a booklet for Where The Wild Roses Grow only, 
           this has number AM 935583.

book  1997 King Ink II, mostly lyrics from 1988 - 1997, by Black Spring Press.
           Has already been translated in Italian: Re Inkiostro II by 
           Arcana Editrice ISBN 88-7966-133-7. Czech transl. in 1998 by Mata, 
           ISBN 80-86013-30-8 as King Ink II. Japanese translation in 1998,
           ISBN 4-7837-2435-0. Kroatian translation ISBN 953-6234-29-7
           published by "Zagrebacka naklada" Zagreb, Croatia 1997.
           Polish translation in 1999.         
book  1997 "Tutti I Testi Con Traduzione A Fronte", Italian book published by
           Giunti contains all lyrics from Prayers On Fire to The Boatman's 
           Call, plus Italian translations.

book  1997 A Yugoslav book contains translated lyrics as well. 183 pages.
           Published by Novi Sad, Prostor 1997, ISBN 86-901529-4-6.

other 1998 Nick has reviewed the Russian movie "Mother & Son", directed by 
           Aleksandr Sokurov in the UK Sunday Independent
           newspaper from March 29, 1998.

book  1998 "The Gospel According To Mark", five page introduction by Nick.
           Canongate Books, ISBN 0 86241 796 1. 
           NOTE! The U.S. 1999 re-issue by Grove/Atlantic (ISBN # 0-8021-3617-6)
           does NOT have the introduction by Nick Cave but one by Barry Hannah.
           1999 Norwegian translation by J.M. Stenersen's Forlag ISBN (82-7201-309-6).
           1999 Dutch translation, by Atlas, ISBN 90 450 0140 3.
           2000 Italian translation by Einaudi Tascabili ed. ISBN 88-06-15381-1.

book  1999 "The Murder Ballads", 23 songs from different years 
           translated in Polish by Roman and Alexander Kolakowsky. 77 pages
           Published by LUNA Music, Wroclaw, Poland.

book  2000 "Australians", by Polly Borland about Australian
           expats has a foreowrd by Nick Cave (and also contains photos of Nick Cave).        
           National Portrait Gallery, ISBN 1855142821 / 1-85514-282-1 / 9781855142824.

book  2001 "The Complete Lyrics 1978-2001", published by Penguin.

book  2001 "Nick Cave Anthology" 18 songs arranged for piano, 
           voice and guitar, wise publications, isbn 0-7119-8681-9.
           And no more shall we part -- (Are you) the one that i've been waiting for? -- 
           As I sat sadly by her side -- The carny -- Deanna -- Do you love me? -- 
           From her to eternity -- Henry Lee -- Into my arms -- The mercy seat -- 
           Nobody's baby now -- Red right hand -- The ship song -- Straight to you -- 
           Stranger than kindness -- Tupelo -- The weeping song -- Where the wild roses grow 

book  2001 "Beauty's Nothing" by Nadav Kander contains a contribution 
           from Nick Cave; Publisher: Arena Editions; ISBN-10: 1892041405, ISBN-13: 978-1892041401 

book  2002 "May Anthology 2002 Poetry And Prose", poetry and
           short stories, with Andrew Motion and Nick Cave as editors.
           Varsity Publications Ltd, 2002-05-01; ISBN 0902240331 / 0-902240-33-1 / 9780902240339  

book  2004 "Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: Lyre Of Orpheus And Abattoir Blues"                    
           Sheet music. Publisher: Music Sales Ltd; ISBN-10: 071193746X; ISBN-13: 978-0711937468 

book  2005 "Woyzeck" by Georg Buchner contains a contribution from Nick Cave 
           Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd, ISBN-10: 1840026413, ISBN-13: 978-1840026412 

book  2007 "The Devil's Playground" by Nan Goldin contains a contribution 
           from Nick Cave;  Publisher: Phaidon Press Ltd, ISBN-10: 0714847585 ISBN-13: 978-0714847580

book  2007 "Nick Cave Stories" 
           Quoting from:
           Nick Cave Stories has been published to coincide with an exhibition at the Melbourne Arts Centre. 
           The exhibition and the book draw from the over 800 items that have been donated 
           by Nick Cave to the Arts Centre's Performing Arts Collection. 
           Go behind the music and into Nick's imagination and the sources of his unique vision 
           through original lyrics, notebooks, artwork, photography and books. 
           This unique book is an insightful and playful journey through his connection with Melbourne, 
           London, Berlin, Sao Paulo and Brighton, England. It also explores the many phases of Nick's 
           career including his work with The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds and Grinderman. 
           144 pages.

book  2007 "The Complete Lyrics 1978-2006", published by Penguin.
           480 pages, ISBN-10: 0141027142, ISBN-13: 978-0141027142.

book  2008 "Bunny" by Polly Borland contains a poem by Nick Cave. 
           published by Other Criteria; ISBN-10: 1904212239, ISBN-13: 978-1904212232.  

book  2009 "Vagabond Holes: David McComb & the Triffids", biography of The Triffids edited 
           by Niall Lucy and Chris Coughran has a contribution by Nick Cave.
           Published by Fremantle Press, ISBN-10: 192136162X, ISBN-13: 978-1921361623 

book  2009 "The Death Of Bunny Munro" 
7CD        Please go to for all latest info!
6CD        "I am damned", thinks Bunny Munro in a sudden moment of self-awareness reserved
DVD        for those who are soon to die. Nick's new novel traces the fortunes of one man and his son 
           on a road trip around the south coast of England following the suicide of his wife. 
           It is released in several versions: paperback, hardcover, audiobook, and various languages. 
           The German audiobook is read by Blixa Bargeld. 
           There also is a signed and numbered limited edition of 500 copies of the UK Hardback.   
           UK Hardback by Canonongate: ISBN: 9781847673763
           UK Paperback by Canonongate: ISBN: 9781847673770
           UK 7CD/DVD Audiobook by Canonongate: ISBN: 9781921520877 
           Australia, Hardback, Text Publishing, ISBN 9781847673763
           Australia, Paperback, Text Publishing, ISBN 9781921520631
           Australia, 7CD/DVD Audiobook, Text Publishing, ISBN 9781921520877
           Brazil, "A Morte de Bunny Munro", by Grupo Editorial, 
           Bulgaria, [in Bulgarian], by Prozoretz, ISBN: 978-954-733-642-1
           Canada, hardback, Harper Collins, ISBN: 9781554685400
           China, in Chinese, by Shanghai 99,
           Croatia, "Smrt Bunnya Munroa", by Sarine Ducam ISBN 9789536683969
           Czech Republic, "Smrt Zajdy Munroa", by Argo, ISBN: 978-80-257-0176-8
           Denmark, "Bunny Munros dd", Gyldendal, ISBN: 9788702077339 
           Finland, "Bunny Munron kuolema", by Like Kustannus Oy, ISBN: 978-952-01-0311-8
           France, "Mort de Bunny Munro", by Flammarion,
           Germany, "Der Tod des Bunny Munro", by Kiepenheuer & Witsch, ISBN: 978-3-462-04129-3
           Germany, "Der Tod des Bunny Munro", audiobook 6CD, Der Hrverlag, ISBN: 978-3-86717-518-0
           Greece, [in Greek], by Topos Books, ISBN: 978-960-6863-24-0
           Hungary, "Bunny Munro halla", by Cartaphilus, ISBN: 978-963-266-113-1
           India, in English, by Random House, ISBN 9788184000375
           Italy, "La Morte di Bunny Munro", by Feltrinelli, 9788807702167
           Israel, by Modan Publishing House,
           Latvia, by Diena,
           Netherlands, "De dood van Bunny Munro", by Meulenhoff, ISBN: 978-80-257-0176-8
           Norway, "Bunny Munros dd", hardback, by Aschehoug, ISBN: 9788203212260
           Poland, "Smierc Bunny`ego Munro", by Poszynski, ISBN: 978-83-7648-231-6
           Portugal, "A Morte de Bunny Munro", by Objectiva, ISBN: 9789896720063
           Romania, "Moartea lui Bunny Munro", by Polirom, ISBN:  978-973-46-1532-2 
           Russia, by Corpus AST,
           Serbia, by Evro-Giunti, 
           Slovakia, "Smrt Bunnyho Munroa", by IKAR, ISBN 978-80-551-2021-8
           Spain, in Spanish, "La muerte de Bunny Munro", by Global Rhythm, ISBN 9788493667962 
           Spain, in Catalan, "La mort d'en Bunny Munro", by Empuries, 978-84-9787-422-9
           Sweden, "Bunny Munro's Dd", by Forum, ISBN9789137135052
           Turkey, "Bunny Munro'nun lm", by Siren, ISBN: 9786055903138
           USA, by Faber & Faber, ISBN 978-3-86717-518-, November 2009, Slipcased Ltd Edition
           USA, by Faber & Faber, ISBN 978-0-86547-910-4,
           USA, by Faber & Faber, audiobook 7CD, ISBN 978-1427208033

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