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Foi Na Cruz

Nick has said that one of his favourite films was/is the Brazilian movie "Pixote" directed by Hector Babenco (he later made "Kiss of The Spider-Woman").

Pixote is the name of the central character, a young boy from the slums of Sao Paulo, who escapes from a juvenile prison. In one brief scene he sings "Foi Na Cruz" with a small crowd in Rio, around a what appears to be a Street Preacher. Apparently this song is a traditional Portugese Hymn. Nick saw this movie long before he ever went to Brazil.

The sleeve notes for Tender Prey state "This album is dedicated to Ferdinand Ramos, better known as 'PIXOTE'. Remembered for his brilliant performance in the film of the same name. Killed by Sao Paulo police in November 1987, age 19."

The album "The Good Son" containing "Foi Na Cruz" was later recorded in Sao Paulo, where Nick was living with Viviene.

Thanks Kim Beissel!

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