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Two of Blixa' lesser moments

Kings Of Independence

Neubauten opened for U2 in the Rotterdam soccer stadium (50,000 people), back in 1993. Bono had asked them to open for them, because he likes Neubauten. And they accepted. And were boo-ed off stage by the U2 "picknick audience" (Blixa's words).

Who wouldn't want to see Blixa starring as a religiously obsessed pyromaniac? Well, you don't! The million dollar production "Sieben Feuer des Todes" (Seven fires of death) is a German action movie about a pyromaniac terrorising a city. The movie is crap. The action and special effects are fake, very poorly done, even though it seems to be a famous guy who also did the special effects for "Independance Day". The characters are all extremely uninteresting. The story weak and predictable. The acting is bad. The motives or background of our bad guy "I'm you're worst nightmare" are hardly worked out, and so is the theme of the pyromaniac and the fireman "being alike" (because they're both obsessed with fire, bla bla). Blixa tries to set this woman on fire (too bad he fails), and it's not at all convincing. He gets into a fight and it is obviously a stand-in. In the last part of the fight, Blixa (with long hair) has half his face burnt. He looks creepy but this woman's son simply follows him - very unlikely. No Blixa, this is crap. Or "Schrott" as you would call it. You said 95% of the music is "Schrott" and that's good for Neubauten. Well, probably 95% of the movies is too, but this one certainly is at the bottom somewhere.

I give up