The Nick Cave Labyrinth

Sad Songs

Song Of Joy


Jesus Met The Woman At The Well         Kicking Against The Pricks
Sleeping Annaleah                       Kicking Against The Pricks
Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart     Kicking Against The Pricks
Long Black Veil                         Kicking Against The Pricks

Slowly Goes The Night                   Tender Prey
Sunday's Slave                          Tender Prey
Up Jumped The Devil                     Tender Prey

Sorrow's Child                          The Good Son
The Hammer Song                         The Good Son

Song Of Joy                             Murder Ballads
The Kindness Of Strangers               Murder Ballads
Crow Jane                               Murder Ballads

Idiot Prayer                            The Boatman's Call
(Green Eyes only once, solo)            The Boatman's Call

Sweetheart Come                         No More Shall We Part

Dead Man In My Bed                      Nocturama
There Is A Town                         Nocturama
She Passed By My Window                 Nocturama

Fable Of The Brown Ape                  Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus
Spell                                   Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus

I give up