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9 Things

Crime And Punishment

April 1995.
In the Israel newspaper "Maariv" Cave was asked to tell 9 things that had changed his life.
  1. Nabokov's "Lolita": "When I was about 12 years old my father read for me first chapter. It was always one of my favorites. my father said: This is what literature should be like, son. He was right."
  2. Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment" : "When I grew a little older my father read me the murder scene in this book and said: This is what violent literature should be like, son. He was right. This is one of the most influential books I've read and it affected the writing of my own book. My father gave me a very special feeling about written words...
  3. The Bible: It affected a lot my life and it's affect is still growing. When I was an art student and started writing songs, the Bible was the middle of many things. As much as I've read it, the more it interest me.
  4. Painting: I've always wanted to be a painter. As a child I was always interested in painting so I went to art school. I've been there for 2 years In the first I was very successful and on the second I failed. I decided that I'll do something else. There was this band I played with which later became 'The Birthday Party'. For a long time I was angry with the art school but now I know that if I really wanted an artist I would become one. I love religious painting especially German Gothic art like Grunwald, Stephan Löchner. In modern art I like Georgio de Chirico, Francis Bacon and Lucia Freud. [Some painter names may be misspelled here - correct if you can.]
  5. Bob Dylan: One of the people who really changed my life is Dylan. Without him, the quality of my life would be less than what it is. He infected my life and not just my music. He changed the way I look at the world. ...His first record I bought was 'Slow train coming' which I thought and still think that it is one of the best albums.
  6. John Lee Hooker: I have to say it in every interview...I've always listen to him.
  7. "Badlands" by Terence Malik: This is one of my favorites movies. Malik took the basic subject of violence and created a story about a revolting youngster and a girl who travel in America and simply kill people. That was the original movie many try to imitate now.This movie is about the poetry and the beauty in violence. It is a violent poem and an amazing movie.
  8. Anita Lane: Many things happened in my life that threw me in different directions - people I met, women I've had, people who died. It all changed my life. Today I know that there are certain women that if I hadn't met them my life would be different. One of them is Anita. All the details are just gossip.
  9. My son: I think many years of my life had some emptiness in them, which I tried to fill with work. Today I work harder than before, but once I had nothing at the end of my day. Today there is. His name is Luke. He is brilliant almost 4 years old. I know it is banal to talk about your own child, but I can't help myself.
Thanks Beni Serfati!

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