Documentaries on Nick Cave

Perhaps a little redundant, and certainly subjective, this short list of what I consider the best documentaries never officially released. Maybe I'll add some more later.
31/05/87   "Stranger In A Strange Land", VPRO TV by Bram van Splunteren 40 TV 
           Great interviews with Nick, MH & BB, and more:
           Piano instr. (Nick) - Cry (BP '81) - The Singer (reh.) - 
           Junkyard (Gotterdammerung 82) - Your Funeral, My Trial (Mick on
           piano & reh.) - Sad Waters (reh.) - Reading (19/02/87 Hamburg)

      94   "Straight To You", great documentary by Nanni Jacobson       55 TV

26/12/97   "Loladamusica", VPRO documentary by Lotje IJzermans          50 TV 
           Review here

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