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Conway Savage

CDs   1993 "Conway Savage", self-titled EP.
                Fair And Tender Ladies
                Too Dark To See
                Say It Ain't So
                When The Moon Is Gone
                    Torn & Frayed, TORN CD2

CD    2000 "Nothing Broken" featuring Mick Harvey, Martyn P Casey
           and Charlie Owens. 
                Nothing Broken
                You Did As You Were Told To Do
                Don't Plan On Leaving Town
                Old Soul With A New Hole
                Friend I Knew
                Only Ghosts
                The Ones You Love
                We Go Back A Long Way
                These Are The Waves
                    Beheaded Communications, BEH 02

Suzie Higgie and Conway Savage

Suzie Higgie web page

LP/CD 1998 "Soon Will Be Tomorrow" by Suzie Higgie and Conway Savage
                1000 Days
                Never Going To See You Again (written by Conway)
                Wild Heart
                Only You Can Do It
                I Trust You Had A Good Time  (written by Conway)
                The Letter
                Just One Of Those Things     (written by Conway and Suzie)
                    Anchor and Hope AHD004CD, distributed by Shock Records
                    Lion Milk (UK, rerelease in 2000)
                    Worls Serpent/LMM 001 (UK, rerelease in 2000)

Conway Savage with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

1990 - now

All releases after The Good Son. For details go to the complete Bad Seeds discography.

Other bands and co-operations

7"    1984 "Say Die", by Scrap Museum, later to become Blue Ruin.

LP    1984 "Asleep At The Wheel", compilation albums contains the The Feral Dinosaurs song
                Blue Day
                    Au-Go-Go Records, ANDA 33, 1984

LP    1985 "You've All Got A Home To Go To", by The Feral Dinosaurs
                My Brand Of Blues
                Fifty Miles From Home
                Tennessee River
                Ramblin' Man
                Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
                On My Own Again
                You Don't Miss Your Water
                    Major Records MRLP004

7"    1985 "Ramblin' Man", by The Feral Dinosaurs

7"    1986 "50 Miles From Home", another single by The Feral Dinosaurs

LP    1986 "Pilgrims Progress", by Harem Scarem, Conway plays on 3 songs

LP    1987 "Hard To Beat (23 Stooges Killers)" by various artists includes
           "Open Up And Bleed" by Harem Scarem with Conway on piano.
                    Augogo Records, Anda 70

minLP 1987 "Trouble In Mind", by Trouble In Mind, Conway may be on this
           release which also features his brother Johnny Savage.

LP    1988 "?" by Dust On The Bible, a band with
           Conway's sister Janie Savage on vocals.

LP/CD 1989 "My Life On The Plains", by Dave Graney and the White Buffaloes,
           features Conway, and includes his arrangement of "Streets Of Laredo".
                Nobody's Gonna Love You
                Robert Ford On The Stage 
                Take Me For A Ride 
                I'll Set The Scene 
                In A Misty Morning 
                Girl In The Moon 
                Brass Buttons 
                I Can't Want You
                The Streets Of Laredo 
                    Fire Records, Fire LP 20

LP    1990 "Babylon", by Crown Of Thorns, Conway plays on
                Little Fishes
                    Shock Records
LP/CD 1990 "I'm Gonna Smile", by Blue Ruin, Conway plays on 
                Fight The Good Fight
                    MDS CDBR002

LP    1992 "Steal It" by Hell To Pay (this band featured
           Spencer P. Jones, and Conway plays piano.
                Two Days Off, Five Days On
                Steal It
                Booze To Blame
                Addicted To You
                Don't You Go Away
                Everybody Everything
                80 MPH Blues
                Light Me Up
                Radio On
                Telling Lies
                Where Our Love Ends
                    Redeye Records/Polydor 513 417 2

EP    1992 "Two Days Off, Five Days On" by Hell To Pay
                Two Days Off, Five Days On
                Just Because
                Don't You Go Away
                Addicted To You
                Out Of You
                    Redeye/Polydor 861 173-2

LP/CD 1994 "I Had A New York Girlfriend" by Robert Forster. Conway plays
           piano on all songs on this album.
                Nature's Way
                Broken Hearted People
                Echo Beach
                Tell Me That It Isn't True
                Locked Away
                Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
                Frisco Depot
                3 AM
                    Beggars Banquet BBQ CD 16

LP/CD 1994 "Rumour Of Death", by Spencer Jones, piano by Conway.
                Slamming On The Breaks
                Run With It
                Whose Side Are You On?
                Jet Boy, Jet Girl
                The World's Got Everything In It
                Where's Your Soul
                Devil Got My Woman
                Execution Day
                The Demon Cup
                    Red Eye CD RED 41 25347 2

LP/CD 1995 "Son Of The North Wind", by Acuff's Rose, produced by Conway.
                In Every Home
                One Way Conversation (CK's Blues)
                The Spell
                Sitting By The River
                Never Coming Down
                The Wandering
                Crashing Through The Wind
                Done In Pawn
                Son Of The North Wind
                    Torn & Frayed Torn CD11 (distr. through Shock Records)

CD    1995 "Quiet Girl With A Credit Card", by Lisa Miller.
           Contains a cover of "Too Dark To See"
                    W.Minc CD 004

LP/CD 1995 "Monday Morning Coming Down", by Tex, Don & Charlie, Conway 
           is thanked in the liner notes.
                    Red Eye / Polydor REDCD43
LP/CD 1998 "Origin", by The Stream, produced by Conway.
                The Rider
                No Rain
                You Know It's True
                Another Promise
                They Want The Mountains
                Blue Skies
                Song For Joey
                    Wishbone Record, distr. through Blah Blah Blah, BBB0112      

CD    1998 "Beggars Banquet 21st Birthday" promo CD contains a track by
           The Global Twins, with, among others,
           Robert Forster and Grant Maclennan. The track is 
           "Sympathy For The Devil" and features Conway on piano.
                    Beggars Banquet BB21CD

CD    2000 "Triple-Skin Marquee" by Maurice Frawley & Working Class Ringos
           involves Conway. He has been a member of the band since 1998.

Other bands without known official releases

1980-1981 Happy Orphans
1988      Dave Last & the Boy Kings
late 80s  The Great Temptation
1989      Conway Savage & the Deep South

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