Mick Harvey Discography

by Leo Meijer and Maurice Maes

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Latest update: 29-12-2001

Special thanks to: Hans Wyndaele, Dolf van der Haven, Richard Miles, Kim Beissel, Scott Smith, Andrew L. Soodek, Anna Clare McDuff, Bruce Milne, Darren Salter, Family Circle, Sam Difference, Lisa Palermo, Gary, Uwe Gerecke, Daniel Kukiel

Mick Harvey - Band Member

Boys Next Door (1977-1980)
The Birthday Party (1980-1983)
Crime and the City Solution (1985-1991)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1984 onwards)

Mick Harvey - Solo Artist

LP/CD 1989 "Ghosts... Of The Civil Dead3", soundtrack of the film  
film       by Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld and Mick Harvey.
video           The News
                A Prison In The Desert
                I've Been A Prison Guard Since I Was 18 Years Old
                I Was 16 When They Put Me In Prison
                You're Dangling Like A Bunch Of Meat On A Hook
                Pop Mix
                We Were United Once
                The Day Of The Murders
                Lilly's Theme ("A Touch Of Warmth")
                Maynard Mix
                What I'm Tellin' Is The Truth
                The Free World
                One Man Released So They Can Imprison The Rest Of The World
                    Mute Records, IONIC 3
                    Mute/International (Germany)
                    Electric Pictures EP 0022 (video, 1993)

CD    1993 "Alta Marea & Vaterland", compilation of music that
           Mick Harvey did for various films and documentaries.
      1991 "Alta Marea" - Italian movie by Lucian Segura.
                La Tereseuta
                Tango Della Alta Marea
                La Ultima Spiaggia
      1987 "Idenity-Kid", TV documentary by Ed Cantu
                Vibes Theme
                Guitar Theme
      1992 "Vaterland", German film by Uli M. Schueppel
                Opening Sequence
                Abschieds Thema
                Dream Sequence
                The Mountain (Part 1)
                The Mountain (Part 2)
                End Titles
      1987 "Totes Geld", short German TV Movie by Gisa Schleelein.
      1991 "The Real Power Of Television", by Gustav Hamos.
                Askenazi Gitar A.
                Magyar Dallam
                "Hirado" Theme
                Askenazi Gitar B.
                    Mute, IONIC 6 CD

LP/CD 1995 "Intoxicated Man", the first Serge Gainsbourg covers
CA         album by Mick, with Anita Lane on quite a few tracks.
		69 Erotic Year
		Harley Davidson
                Intoxicated Man
                The Sun Directly Overhead
                Sex Shop
                The Barrel Of My 45
                Ford Mustang
                Overseas Telegram
                New York Usa
                Bonnie & Clyde
                The Song Of Slurs
                Jazz In The Ravine
                I Have Come To Tell You I'm Going
                Lemon Incest
                Initials B.B.
                    Mute, stumm 144

CDs   1995 "Intoxicated Man" 4-track promo CD.

7"    1995 "Initials B.B./The Ballad Of Melody Nelson/Torrey Canyon"
           The 7" is a numbered limited edition.
                    Mute 187 

CDs   1995 "Initials B.B./The Ballad Of Melody Nelson/Torrey Canyon/
           The Barrel Of My 45."
                    Mute 187 

CD    1995 "Technology Alert, Volume 15" contains "Who Is In Who Is Out".
                    VLM 40002

film  1996 "Sparrow", an Australian film for children with music by 
           somebody called Mick Harvey.

7"/   1996 "Harley Davidson/Who Is In Who Is Out/Hotel Specific"
CDs        The 7" is a numbered limited edition. The CDs contains
           one more track.
                    Mute 194 

CD    1996 "To Have & To Hold" soundtrack of the John Hillcoat film
           by Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld and Mick Harvey.
                To Have And To Hold
                The Jungle Of Love
                Candlelit Bedroom
                A House In The Jungle
                The River At Night
                Mourning Song
                Romantic Theme
                Snow Vision
                The Clouds
                Noah's Funeral
                The Fight
                Kate Leaves
                We're Coming (The Riot)
                The Murder
                The Red Dress
                I Threw It All Away (vocals by Scott Walker)
                To Have And To Hold (End Credits)
                Gangster Bone
                    Mute, IONIC 15 CD

CD/LP 1997 "Pink Elephants", 2nd Serge Gainsbourg covers album by Mick Harvey.
                Pink Elephants
                The Javanaise
                Black Seaweed
                Comic Strip
                The Ticket pPuncher
                Non Affair
                Scenic Railway
                To All The Lucky Kids
                I Love You... Nor Do I
                The Ballad Of Melody Nelson
                Torrey Canyon
                Who Is "In" Who Is "Out"
                Hotel Specific
                    Mute, CD Stumm 157
                    Mute/Pias 391.0157.20 (Benelux)
                    Mute MUSJ21-2, promo CD

CD    1997 "Pink Elephants", promo interview disc. 
                    Mute, pinkspeak1cd, LC5834   

CD    1997 "Where Joy Kills Sorrow", various artists. Mick performs
           the Fred Neil song
                Just A Little Bit Of Rain
                    Shock Records, W.MINCDOG

film  1997 "Go For Gold", this film by Luciano Segura (co-produced by Wim Wenders)
           has music by Mick Harvey, and includes some Nick Cave songs.
           To my knowledge, no soundtrack album is available.

CD    1999 "And The Ass Saw The Angel - Readings and Music"
           Rerelease of Nick's 1988 readings acompanied by Mick, plus
           the music Mick Harvey and Ed Clayton-Jones recorded for a 
           theatrical adaptation of the book from October 1993.
                Mah Sanctum
                One Autumn
                Animal Static
                Sleepy River Piano
                Pa's Traps
                Cosey's Lullaby
                The Hobo Church
                Sleepy River Swoon
                Euchrid On The Run
                Beth's Sleepy River
                Doghead Revisited
                    Mute, EUCRIDCD1

film  2000 "Chopper", Australian film directed by Andrew Dominik has a
           soundtrack by Mick Harvey.

CD     2000 "Chopper" soundtrack CD containing Mick Harvey's score to this
            film plus dialogue and rock songs from the movie. 
                The Theme
                The Plan                
                Donít Fence Me In (Frankie Laine)                
                The Average Man                
                Ever Loviní Man (The Loved Ones)                
                The Stabbing                
                Sweet Love (Renee Geyer)                
                The Release Theme                
                Forever Now (Cold Chisel)                
                The Girlfriend                
                Stuck On You (Rose Tattoo)                
                The Gate                
                Release The Bats (The Birthday Party)                
                The Countdown                
                Senile Dementia (The Saints)                
                The Threat                
                Black & Blue (Chain)                
                The Witness
                Bad Boy For Love (Rose Tattoo)
                End Theme
                    Liberation (Australia & New Zealand)

Mick Harvey - Guest Musician - Producer

7"    1979 "Hangin' Around The House/Holiday House" by 
           Peter Lillee and The Leisuremasters, 
           has Mick Harvey playing guitar, and possibly features The Boys Next Door. 
                    Missing Link MLS4 

7"    1980 "Samurai Star/The Man From Brashs/Dangerman Theme" by Peter Lillee
           features Mick Harvey, Rowland S. Howard and Phill Calvert.  
                    Missing Link MLS12 

LP    1981 "Peter Lillee's Guitar Method" by Peter Lillee includes 
                Hangin' Around The House
                Samurai Star
                    Missing Link LINK12 

12"   1982 "Some Velvet Morning", by Rowland S. Howard and Lydia Lunch. Mick plays drums.
                Some velvet Morning
                I Fell In Love With A Ghost
                    4AD, BAD 210

LP/CD 1984 "Camouflage Heart" by Cindytalk. Mick plays drums on
                Under Glass
                    Midnight Music, CHIME 00.06 S (LP)
                    Midnight Music, CHIME 00.06 (CD 1988)

12"   1985 "Justice And Money Too", by The Moodists. Mick plays piano.
                    Red Flame Records

LP/CD 1988 "Headless Body In Topless Bar", Die Haut, 
                I Just Dropped In (...)       [Mick piano and bass]
                Sad Dark Eyes                 [Mick vocals and piano]
                My Gift To You                [Mick backing vocals]
                The Bells Belong To The Ashes [Mick plays celeste]
                    WSFA, SF 83

12"   1988 "Dirty Sings" by Anita Lane. Mick plays many instruments.
                If I Should Die
                I'm A Believer         
                Lost In Music          
                Sugar In A Hurricane   [co-written by Mick]
                    Mute Records, Mute 65
                    Restless/Mute 7 71436-2

LP    1989 "Deutschland Strikes Back Vol. 1" compilation has Die Haut's
           "I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)",
           with Mick on bass and piano.

LP/CD 1989 "Moss Side Story", by Barry Adamson, Mick does backing vocals on 
CA              Suck On The Honey Of Love
                Free At Last
                    Mute STUMM 53
                    Mute 71420

LP/CD 1990 "Once Upon A Time" by Once Upon A Time,
           Mick plays bass on 3 songs.
                    Angry Fish Records

LP/CD 1990 "Danger In The Past" by Robert Forster. Mick plays
           bass and hammond, piano, guitar, percussion and does some vocals and production.
                Baby Stones
                The River People
                Leave Her Satisfied
                Heart Out To Tender
                Is This What You Call Chance
                Dear Black Dream
                Danger In The Past
                I've Been Looking For Somebody
                    Beggars Banquet BEGA113CD

LP/CD 1991 "Second Relevator", by Hugo Race and the True Spirit,
           Mick plays various instruments and does backing vocals on many songs.
                River Of No Return
                Second Relevator
                Angel Dust
                Hard Skelter
                Icy Roads
                It's Alright, Ma
                Flame Thrower
                Eyesight To The Blind
                Strange Breaks
                    Normal Records Normal 135 CD

LP/CD 1992 "In The Blink Of An Eye", by Once Upon A Time is
           produced by Mick Harvey.
                The Man To Meet
                Shotgun Hole Galaxy
                Saw My Time A-Comin'
                In The Blink Of An Eye
                Full Moon Face
                The Wheel
                The House On The Hill 

CD    1992 "Conway Savage" by Conway Savage. Mick plays
           drums, guitar and does backing vocals on the 4-track CD by his fellow Bad Seed.
                Fair And Tender Ladies
                Too Dark To See
                Say It Ain't So
                When The Moon Is Gone
                    Torn & Frayed, Torn CD 2

LP/CD 1993 "Filmarbeiten", by Alex Hacke contains songs from
           Vaterland which are slightly different versions from the Mick Harvey album.
                Algerische Wassermusik (slightly different from End Titles on Mick's album)
                "Louis?"/Schlachtung (different version of The Mountain (Pt. 1 or 2))
                Abschiedsthema (two seconds difference with Abschiedsthema)
                    Ego/Rough Trade Records RTD 197.1340.2. EGO 201

LP/CD 1993 "Dirty Pearl", by Anita Lane. Produced, and many instruments 
           by Mick Harvey. The CD version includes the "Dirty Sings" EP.
                Jesus Almost Got Me
                The Groovy Guru
                Sexual Healing
                Blume                       [Einstuerzende Neubauten]
                Subterranean World (How Long ...?)	[Die Haut]
                Picture Of Mary
                The World's A Girl
                Stories Of Your Dreams
                A Prison In The Desert      [from Ghosts... ]
                The Fullness Of His Coming  [The Birthday Party]
                +CD+ If I Should Die
                +CD+ I'm A Believer         [co-written by Nick Cave]
                +CD+ Lost In Music          [Nick Cave plays organ]
                +CD+ Sugar In A Hurricane
                    Mute Records, STUMM 81 

LP/CD 1993 "The Honeymoon Is Over" by The Cruel Sea.
           This album is co-produced by Mick Harvey, and he plays tambourine
           on "Delivery Man".
                    Polydor, 31451 4870 2 (CD)
                    A&M 314514870
                    Red Eye 514870

film  1994 "Jahre Der Kšlte", film by Uli M. Schuppel, with music written by
           Blixa Bargeld, and played by Bargeld, Roland Wolf and Mick Harvey.

LP/CD 1994 "I Had A New York Girlfriend" by Robert Forster. Mick plays bass on this album.
                Nature's Way
                Broken Hearted People
                Echo Beach
                Tell Me That It Isn't True
                Locked Away
                Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
                Frisco Depot
                3 AM
                    Beggars Banquet

CD    1994 "Music To Remember Him By" by Congo Norvell. Mick produced:
                Mercy Mine
                Rock My Child
                Long Time Woman
                Dried Flowers
                    Virgin/priority records cdpty 105

7"/   1995 "The World's A Girl/I love you... nor do I/Bedazzled". Anita Lane single. 
CD         The 7" is a limited edition of 1,000 on clear vinyl.
                    Mute Records, MUTE 177 

LP/CD 1995 "To Bring You My Love", by PJ Harvey.
                Long Snake Moan     [Mick on bass]
                Send His Love to Me [Mick on hammond organ]
                    Island 314-524 085-2

CDs   1995 "Send His Love To Me" single by PJ Harvey has Mick on B-side:
                    Island PRCD 7097-2
                    Island CIDX 610/854 435-2

2CD   1995 "To Bring You My Love & The B Sides CD", by PJ Harvey.
           Also features Mick on the song
                    Island CIDZ 8035/524 179-2 Limited
LP/CD 1996 "Dance Hall At Louse Point", by PJ Harvey & John Parrish.
CA         Mick produced:
                Is That All There Is 
                    Island, 8051         

CD    1997 "Far Be It From Me", by Tex Perkins. Mick plays bass on
                Somewhere In The World
                    Polydor, 533 062-2

CDs   1997 "Splendid Lie", by Tex Perkins. 
           The b-side song "Far Be It From Me" features Mick Harvey.
                    Polydor, 573 071-2, Australia

LP/CD 1998 "Is This Desire?", by PJ Harvey. Mick plays on several tracks.
CA              Angelene (arranged by Mick).
                The Sky Lit Up
                The Wind
                My Beautiful Leah
                A Perfect Day Elise
                Electric Light
                The Garden
                The River
                No Girl So Sweet
                Is This Desire?
                    Island 314-524563-2 (CD) 
                    PHCR-1877 (Japan)  

LP/CD 1999 "Teenage Snuff Film", by Rowland S. Howard                 
                Dead Radio
                She Cried
                I Burnt Yr Clothes
                Exit Everything
                Silver Chain
                White Wedding
                Sleep Alone
                    Reliant Records, NC17-0002
                    Cooking Vinyl, COOK CD 199 (Europe, 2000)

film  2000?"Planet Alex", a German film featuring Mick Harvey as a tourist.

CD    2000 "Nothing Broken" by Conway Savage will feature Mick.
                Nothing Broken
                You Did As You Were Told To Do
                Don't Plan On Leaving Town
                Old Soul With A New Hole
                Friend I Knew
                Only Ghosts
                The Ones You Love
                We Go Back A Long Way
                These Are The Waves
                    Beheaded Communications, BEH 0299

CD    2001 "Sex O'Clock" by Anita Lane
           Production, singing, various instruments by Mick Harvey.
               Home Is Where The Hatred Is'
               The Next Man
               Do That Thing
               I Hate Myself
               A Light Possession
               I Love You I Am No More
               Caesar Needs A Brutus
               Do The Karma Sutra
               The Petrol Wife
               Bella Ciao
                    Mute, STUMM 183 CD 

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