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Latest update: 20-5-1999

Many thanks to: Paavo Rajamo, Leo Meijer, Hans Wyndaele, Janez Golic, Anna Clare McDuff, Dirk Kunert, Henrik Gustafsson, Oliver Schütz

Band Members

  1. 1982 - Christoph Dreher - Remo Park - Martin Peter - Thomas Wydler - Rainer Berson
  2. 1982 - Christoph Dreher - Remo Park - Martin Peter - Thomas Wydler
  3. 1984 - Christoph Dreher - Remo Park - Jochen Arbeit - Thomas Wydler - Oliver Schütz
  4. 1984 - Christoph Dreher - Remo Park - Jochen Arbeit - Thomas Wydler - Oliver Schütz - Rainer Lingk
  5. 1985 - Christoph Dreher - Rainer Lingk - Jochen Arbeit - Thomas Wydler
  6. 1997 - Christoph Dreher - Rainer Lingk - Jochen Arbeit - Rudi Moser
Vocalists are mentioned within []'s:
Nick Cave [NC] - Kid Congo Powers [KCP] - Anita Lane [AL] - Debbie Harry [DH] - Mick Harvey [MH] - Jeffrey Lee Pierce [JLP] - Blixa Bargeld [BB] - Lydia Lunch [LL] - Alex Hacke [AH] - Arto Lindsay [ArLi] - Kim Gordon [KG] - Christina Martinez [CM] - Laurie Tomin [LT] - Alan Vega [AV] - Louisa Bradshaw [LB] - Danielle de Picciotto [DP] - Gordon W. [GW] - John Paul Brasswell [JB] - Oliver Schütz [OS]


I am not listing non-exclusive tracks on compilation albums.
minLP 1982 "Schnelles Leben", Rainer does some vocals on tracks marked [R]
                Wilde Pferde (Wild Horses)
                Our Captain Speaking                  [R]
                Spanisches Öl (Spanish Oil)
                A. Karina
                Gefährliche Nächte Dangerous Nights)
                Ticket Brasil-New York
                (Never Going Back To) 5th Avenue      [R]
                    Monogram 008

12"   1982 "Der Karibische Western", rereleased in 1990: 
CDs             Der Karibische Western         [LL]
                Die Faulen Hunde Von Tijuana
                    Zensor CM2
                    WSFA, SF 99

LP    1983 "Burning The Ice". At least two different covers exist: one
           with blue and another with white lettering. The latter seems
           to be a limited edition thing. The Paradoxx version has a 
           blue lettering and sometimes a red sticker saying "Warning: 
           Contains shocking lyrics" on the sleeve. This issue also 
           contains a fold out black and white poster with a photo of the 
           band and the printed lyrics on the right side. All out of print.
           Cave sings and wrote: 
                Stow-A-Way                 [NC]
                Tokyo Express
                Truck Love                 [NC]
                The Victory  
                Dumb Europe                [NC]
                Pleasure Is The Boss       [NC]
                This Flame Will Never Die
                    Illuminated SJAMS 30, UK
                    CROWN RECORDS, CROWN 1708 (white lettering lim. ed.)
                    Paradoxx Records PA 5502, Germany 

CA    1984 "Sleep?", compilation cassette with Die Haut contribution:
           This track, with Oliver Schütz, who was a band member
           for a short time, is an early version of "My Gift To You".
                Heiliger Strohsack

video 1985 "Berlin Now", video compilation features a video of the song

12"   1987 "Fandango"
                Burn It Down  [JB]
                Nevada        [JB]
                    Megadisc MD 125283

LP/CD 1988 "Headless Body In Topless Bar"  
                Another Ship In The Night
                Escape From Yoghourt Ranch
                Indianapolis, Round 69
                Wheels Over Me
                I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) [NC]
                Sad Dark Eyes                 [MH]
                You Seen Angel Jesus?         [KCP]
                My Gift To You                [KCP]
                The Bells Belong To The Ashes [AL] 
                    WSFA, SF 83

LP/CD 1989 "Die Hard"
                Urge                     [ArLi]
                Coming Through Slaughter
                Garden Of Agony (Pt.2)
                Anschlag !
                Gesprengte Ketten
                Mean Machine
                A Shady Haze Of Guenther
                Garden Of Agony (Pt.1)
                    WSFA, SF 91/EFA LP 02691

12"   1992 "Are You Hectic?" by Alert = (Die Haut and Blixa Bargeld).
                Perpetual Mobile Mix
                Eclectic Remix
                Blackout Mix
                    Cash Beat CB17 / Ed. Cultureclub Freibank EFA MCD 02817

LP/CD 1992 "Head On"
CA              Intoxication                            [KG] 
                Don't Fool With The Franchise           [AV] 
                Burn Crying                             [CM]
                Don't Cross My Mind                     [DH] 
                Breaking In Your Daydream               [JLP] 
                Johnny Guitar                           [BB] 
                Excited                                 [KCP/AL]
                Parts Unknown                           [KCP/LL] 
                Vandal                                  [LL]
                Doggin'                                 [LL] 
                How Long (Have We Known Each Other Now) [BB/AL] 
                    WSFA, SF 122
                    Triple X, 51148

LP/CD 1993 "Sweat", live album, 
           Berlin, Metropol, 24/08/92, and Apeldoorn 8/92. 
           The tracklisting is from the CD. LP tracklisting in brackets.
                Psycho                              [A1]
                Truck Love                 [NC/AH]  [A2]
                Anschlag                            [A3]
                SHC                                 [A6]
                In The Heat Of The Night   [KCP]    [Only on CD]
                Angel Jesus                [KCP]    [B5]
                Pleasure Is The Boss       [NC]     [B1]
                Sad Dark Eyes              [NC]     [B2]
                Aischa                              [B3]
                Victory                             [B4]
                Golden Gate                [KCP]    [B6]
                Parts Unknown              [KCP/LL] [A5]
                Excited                    [KCP]    [A4]
                Another Ship In The Night           [B7]
                Hand                       [AH]     [Only on CD]
                Johnny Guitar              [BB]     [B8]            
                    WSFA, SF 140
                    Triple X, 51184-2 (USA)

video 1993 "Sweat", live video directed by Rolf S. Wolkenstein.
           Filmed at Tempodrom, Berlin, August 1992, 66 minutes. 
                (You Seen) Angel Jesus?        [KCP]
                In The Heat Of The Night       [KCP]
                Jenseits Von Eden              [AH]
                Doggin`                        [LL]
                Johnny Guitar                  [BB]
                Subterranean World / How Long? [BB/AL]
                Sad Dark Eyes                  [NC]
                Pleasure Is The Boss           [NC]
                Cisco Sunset                   [LL]
                Truck Love                     [NC/AH]
                Little Doll                    [NC/KCP/LL/AH/BB]
                    WSFA, 140 V (Germany)
                    Triple X, 51184-3 (USA)

LP/CD 1997 "Spring" (Thomas Wydler only plays on the first song)
           in memoriam to Jeffrey and Roland. (sign) stands for Very Good Friends!
                At First... But Then
                Blood Meridian
                Happy Trails
                Der Still Don
                Morituri Te Salutant
                Okinai                [LT/LB]
                Cinema Excessiva      [AH]
                No Go                 [DP]
                The Assisi Machine    [BB/GW]
                    Our Choice/Rough Trade RTD 195.1914.2

LP/CD 1998 "Springer", remixes of "Spring".
                Morituri Te Salutant          (remix by Scanner)
                Okinai                [LT/LB] (remix by Atom Heart)
                Cinema Excessiva      [AH]    (remix by Hans Nieswandt)
                Okinai                [LT/LB] (remix by Jim O'Rourke)
                The Assisi Machine    [BB/GW] (remix by Deep Space Network)
                Sleepwalker                   (remix by Oval)
                Sleepwalker                   (remix by Mad Professor)
                (sign)                        (remix by Air Liquide)
                (sign)                        (remix by To Rococo Rot)
                At First... But Then          (remix by Andy Hawkins)
                The Assisi Machine    [BB/GW] (remix by Alan Vega)
                    Our Choice/Rough Trade RTD 195.3363.2

12"   1998 "Cinema Excessiva", the remix by Hans Nieswandt,
                    Rough Trade

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