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The Dirty Three are: Warren Ellis - violin, Mick Turner - guitar, Jim White - drums

No, Warren Ellis is not the comic writer and Jim White is neither the brilliant snooker player, nor the southern singer-songwriter.

The Dirty Three

CA    1992 "Dirty Three", early gig-give-away cassette
                Warren's Waltz
                Kim's Dirt
                Indian Love Song
                Forever Gone
                In Bed With The Dirty Three
                Jim's Dog
                Short Break
                Monk's Lament
                You Were A Bum Dream
                Turk Reprise
                    A SCUZZ PRODUCTION, 1992 SCUZZ001

LP/CD 1994 "Sad & Dangerous" 
                Kim's Dirt
                Killy Kundane
                Devil In The Hole
                Jim's Dog
                Short Break
                Turk Reprise
                You Were A Bum Dream
                Warren's Waltz
                    Poon Village, PV 027 (1995 CD)
                    Poon Village/Forced Exposure, POB 9102 (LP)

LP/CD 1994 "The Dirty Three" self-titled album ("Torn & Frayed" is not
           the title but refers to the label.)
           Special guest is Tony Wyzenbeek on harmonica. The album was
           recorded in 1993 and 1994. "Kim's Dirt" is a better and
           longer version than the one on "Sad & Dangerous".
           Mispressed versions of this album exist with the music from 
           "Sad and Dangerous".
                Indian Love Song
                Better Go Home Now
                Odd Couple
                Kim's Dirt
                Everything's Fucked
                The Last Night
                Dirty Equation
                    Shock Records, 
                    Rough Trade Records RTD 131.3097.2 (CD)
                    Big Cat Records, ABB93CD (UK)

video 1995 "The Big Backyard" promo video has a live version of 
           "Everything's Fucked" from Sydney, 05/11/94.

CD    1995 "Absolutely Live 1995", a various artists CD put together by Konzertagentur
           Berthold Seliger. Live recording from Mermaid Lounge in New Orleans, Louisiana
           in September 1995.
                I Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me
                    ALMAVIVA Records,  AR 003

LP/CD 1996 "Horse Stories"
                1000 Miles
                Sue's Last Ride
                I Remember A Time When Once You Used To Love Me
                At The Bar
                Warren's Lament
                I Knew It Would Come To This
                     Touch and Go Records, TG165 CD
                     Big Cat, ABB115CD (UK)

CD    1996 "Why Should The French Have All The Fun?", Greenpeace/
           Big Day Out Aussie bands compilation has a version of "Jaguar".
                    Polydor 527 039-2

CD    1996 "Songs In The Key Of X", X-Files compilation, contains
           secret bonus track by The Dirty Three and Nick Cave (track 0).
                Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum
                Key Of X
                    Warner Bros. 9 460799-2
                    WPCR 478 (Japan)

EP    1996 "Some Deaths Take Forever" by the Australian band The Paradise Motel
           contains a song called "Lorene Damage", which uses the music
           of "Jim's Dog" from "Sad and Dangerous" as backing track.
                    Mushroom/Infectious Records DINF4

CDs   1997 "Obvious Is Obvious", split Cd-sigle with the band Low.
           The Dirty Three play the Kim Salmon song "Obvious Is Obvious".
           Limited edition.
                     Touch and Go Records, TG183 CD

CD    1998 "Ocean Songs", initial copies have a 3-track bonus disc (see below)!
2LP(!)     These copies are released as 2CD on Touch & Go.
                The Restless Waves 
                Distant Shore 
                Authentic Celestial Music 
                Backwards Voyager 
                Last Horse On The Sand 
                Sea Above, Sky Below 
                Black Tide 
                Deep Waters 
                Ends Of The Earth 
                    Bella Union, BELLACD 3 (UK)
                    Touch and Go TG 193 CD

CDs   1998 "Ocean Songs", the bonus disc.
                To Aster!
                Mihelkos Arm 
                Cast Adrift
                    Touch and Go TG 193 CD-X

CDs   1998 "Sharks", this CD only for sale at the 1998 
           Australian and US tours.
                Obvious Is Obvious
                Two Am
                Rope (early version of Hope)
                Running Scared (live with Nick Cave, Brisbane, Zoo, January 1995)
                    Anchor & Hope, AHX01S

CD    1998 "To Hal And Bacharach", Australian CD contains a song by
           Dave Graney & Clare Moore vs. The Dirty Three. Warren plays
           piano and does backing vocals.
                What The World Needs Now (Is Love)
                    Warner WEA Records 3984228212

7"    1998 "A Strange Holiday", split single with the band "Scenic". 
           With Warren prominent on piano!
                Narwhal Recordings, NAR001

video 1998 "Dutch Harbor  - Where The Sea Breaks Its Back, soundtrack to 
           this film includes The Boxhead Ensemble, and contains the D3 video for
                The Restless Waves
                    Atavistic, ATV 39

CD    1998 "Ufkuko", EP-CD released in November.
                To Aster!
                Mihelkos Arm
                Cast Adrift
                Three Wheels
                Wish I Could
                    Bella Union BELLACD6

CD    1998 "KFJC 89.7FM - Live From The Devil's Triangle", a compilation
           of live performances recorded in "The Pit" at KFJC, in 
           Los Altos Hills, CA released as a fundraiser for KFJC. 
           It contains "Mick's Love Song" (6:26), recorded on 3/13/95.

CD    1999 "Praise", the soundtrack to this Australian film  
           directed by John S. Curran has been released in April 1999.
           Songs by Dirty Three unless indicated otherwise.
                I Remember A Time When Once You Used To Love Me
                Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette!) [Tex Williams and His Western Caravan]
                Lights Are Yellow & The Nights Are Slow
                The River Looks Lonely Tonight [John Ellis]
                You're So Beautiful To Know [Crow]
                Somewhere Else, Some Place Good
                Flamenco Festival [Juan Cesare]
                Once Across A Story Bridge [Crow]
                What Did I Do [John Ellis]
                Summer's Lost Heart
                Mano O Mano [Carlos Gardel]
                Devil In The Hole
                The Junk Crammed Up Behind My Eyes [Crow]
                Xmas Song
                King Of The Cowboys [John Ellis]
                A Strange Holiday
                Mia Fora Thimame [Arleta]
                I Remember A Time... [hidden track: instrumental]                
                    Festival Records Pty Ltd. D 32054

2CD   1999 "Recovery: Ready For Transmission", compilation with live
           excerpts of ABC's "Recovery show has a live version of
                    Virgin/EMI/ABC Music

2CD   1999 "Homebake 3" contains a live version from the 1999 Homebake festival of
                Distant Shore
                    EMI 3984-26117

LP/CD 2000 "Whatever You Love, You Are", new album expected in March.
                Some Summers They Drop Like Flies
                I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night
                I Offered It Up To The Stars And The NIght Sky
                Some Things I Just Don't Want To Know
                Lullabye For Christie
                    Bella Union BellaCD 16
                    Touch & Go, TG 223
                    Anchor & Hope
                    Glitterhouse GRCD 486

CD    2000 "Lowlands", tour-only CD, lim. edition of 1000.
                Country Song
                Three Mile Creek
                Time After
                Irish Red
                    Anchor & Hope AHX02S

LP/CD 2001 "In The Fishtank", by Low and Dirty Three, about 6 songs, to
           be released in May. Includes
                I Hear Goodnight
                Down By The River [Neil Young cover]
                Invitation Day
                When I Called Upon Your Seed
                    Konkurrent, Fish 7

Dirty Twos and Ones

other bands and cooperations

Warren Ellis - Jim White
      1992 Busload Of Faith

LP/CD 1993 "All Souls Alive", by The Black Eyed Susans. Warren plays violin,
CA         Korg organ, Hammond, Fender Rhodes, piano, harpsichord and accordion.
                A Curse On You
                We Could've Been Someone
                Every Gentle Soul
                Sheets Of Rain
                Reveal Yourself
                I Can See Now
                Apt. No. 9
                Dirty Water
                This One Eats Souls
                    Frontier Records, ADV-31062-4 (CA)
                    Frontier 31061-2 (CD)
                    Torn & Frayed CD5

CDs   1993 "Dirty Water", by The Black Eyed Susans.
                Dirty Water 
                    Torn & Frayed Torn CD 9

CDs   1993 "This One Eats Souls", by The Black Eyed Susans.
                This One Eats Souls
                    Torn & Frayed Torn CD 8

LP/CD 1993 "Sad But True", by Tex, Don & Charlie, Warren violin
           and Jim on drums.
                Redheads, Gold Cards & Long Black Limousines
                Postcard From Elvis
                Fake That Emotion 
                The Girl With The Bluebird 
                What I Done To Her 
                Sitting In A Bar 
                Dead Dog Boogie 
                Fateful Day 
                Still The Same 
                Barlow And Chambers 
                I Must Be Getting Soft 
                    Red Eye/Polygram RED CD 37
LP/CD 1993 "Sin Factory", by Kim Salmon features Warren on
           flute on "Desensitised" and violin on "Rose Coloured Windscreen".
                    Red Eye REDCD33

EP/CD 1994 "The Body Electric", by Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric.
                    White Records

LP/CD 1994 "Hey Believer", by Kim Salmon features Warren on
           flute and violin and Jim on drums on a few tracks.
                Reach Out
                Donít Expect Anything
                Obvious Is Obvious
                You Know Me Better Than That
                Pass It On
                Full Of Promise
                Rambliní Man 
                Hey Believer
                    Red Eye REDCD40

CD    1995 "Silos And Utility Sheds", compilation album includes the Leonard
           Cohen cover "Suzanne" by Kim Salmon. It is probably an out-take
           from the Hey Believer CD and it unmistakedly features Jim White 
           on drums, and may well feature Warren on feedback/violin.

CDs   1995 "Heavenly", by Plums.

CD    1997 "Far Be It From Me", by Tex Perkins.
                She's A Friend Of Mine  Warren strings, Jim drums
                Splendid Lie            Warren strings, Jim drums
                Her Own Life            Warren bass, Jim drums
                I Can't Sing            Warren strings, piano accordeon, Jim drums
                That Was Now            Warren bass, Jim drums
                Two Wrongs              Warren organ, Jim drums
                You're Too Beautiful    Warren piano, Jim drums
                Somewhere In The World  Warren piano, Jim drums 
                It Will Come            Warren bass, piano, Jim drums
                Whatever And Ever       Warren slit box, Jim drums
                    Polydor, 533 062-2

CDs   1997 "Splendid Lie", by Tex Perkins. 
           The b-side song "Far Be It From Me"  features Warren and Jim.
                    Polydor, 573 071-2, Australia

CD    1997 "Where Joy Kills Sorrow", various artists. Warren Ellis and his
           father John Ellis, as well as Jim White perform John's song 
           "Mis'ry Is My Middle Name".
           They also appear on the free bonus disc which came with first copies.
                    Shock Records, W.MINCDOG

CD    2000 New album by Tex Perkins will feature Warren and Jim.

Mick Turner - Jim White
CDs   1997 "Western Music", by Will Oldham,
                Always Bathing In The Evening 
                Jump In Jump In, Come In Come In (maybe they play on this one)
                    OVNI Records Apdo 220, Spain
                    Drag City, Will 1 CD (rerelease)

7"    1998 "Black Dissimulation/No Such As What I Want", by Bonnie Prince Billie
           Rerelease 500 on purple vinyl, and also released as free bonus CD 
           in FNAC stores in France with Bonnie Prince Billie's I See A Darkness album.
                    All City Nomad

7"    1998 "Gone Away/Kit's Choice" Tren Brothers
           Jim White: drums, percussion, Mick Turner: guitar, harmonica, melodica & loops.
                    Secret Canadian Records SC 14

CDs   1998 "Tren Brothers EP" by Tren Brothers
                Gold Star Berlin
                Last Song Detroit
                    Drag City DC146CD

CD    1998 "Moon Pix", by Cat Power. Mick and Jim
           play on this album and Mick is also credited as engineer.
                American Flag 
                He Turns Down 
                No Sense 
                Metal Heart 
                Back Of Your Head 
                You May Know Him 
                Colors And The Kids 
                Cross Bones Style 
                Peking Saint 
                    Matador Records OLE 286-2

2LP   1998 "The Last Place To Go", by The Boxhead Ensemble,
CD         Recordings From the Dutch Harbor European Film Screening Tour.
           Artists include Jim White (on all tracks), Mick Turner (Guitar where indicated)
           Will Oldham, Edith Frost and others.
           The 2LP contains a 17 minute bonus track.
                Introduction           [Mick; Jim not] [2LP version is 7:25 minutes longer]
                Coastal Border         [Mick]
                Dust And Rain 
                Fading Cold
                Two Ravens
                Carolyn's Theme
                The Last Place To Go   [Jim]
                Choices Made
                Deep Sea                      [2LP version is 20 seconds longer]
                Far Gone / Big Sky     [Mick]
                High Waters            [Jim]  [2LP only]
           Limited Edition Bonus CD: (Jim and Mick only where indicated)
                Black Dissimulation    [Jim]
                Solo                          [also on the 2LP]
                Send In the Clowns
                Big Sky                [Jim, Mick]
                    Atavistic, ALP96CD (CD)
                    Atavistic, ALP96CD-X (Bonus CD, lim. 1000)
                    Secretly Canadian SC22 (2CD)
CD/LP 2000 "Guarapero Lost Blues 2", by Will Oldham
           Mick and Jim play on:
                Sugarcane Juice Drinker
                Call Me A Liar
                    Drag City DC 111/PR15

CD   2001 "Get The Fuck On Jolly Live", by Bonny Billy and Marquis de Tren
          featuring the Monkey Boys (Jim White & Paul Oldham); live album.
          Limited edition tour CD, 500 copies only.
                    Monitor/Palace MAP001 (limited 500)

CD    2001 "Two Brothers", by The Boxhead Ensemble,
                    Atavistic ALP126CD

Mick Turner - Jim White
with Venom P. Stinger
LP    1986 "Meet My Friend Venom" 
                    No Masters Voice

7"    1988 "Walking About/26 mgs" 

LP    1990 "Whats Yours Is Mine"
                    Aberrant (1990)
                    Normal, (1991 European reissue)

2x7"  1990 "Scumbait No. 2", two singles with tracks by four bands includes Venom P. Stinger's
                The Day Will Come
                    Treehouse 23 (limited edition of 1,500)

CD/EP 1992 "The Waiting Room"
                    Au Go Go Records

LP    1992 "Live", recorded live in 1991 KDVS radio, Davis California.
           Nick Palmer on vocals.
                Inside The Waiting Room
                My Hole
                Walking About
                Turning Green
                The Day Will Come                
                Home Sweet Home
                PCP Crazy 
                26 mg
                Precious Little Time
                Venom P Stinger

7"    1994 "Thickskin/Tearbucketer", live single, 500 copies. 
                    Death Valley Records, DV 004, (Melbourne).

CD    1996 "Tearbucketer"
                    Siltbreeze SB-51 (CD)

Jim White
Hessian Sax

LP/CD 1982 "Hunters And Collectors" by Hunters And Collectors.
CA                  White D19490 (CD issued 1991, Including "World of Stone" EP)
                    White L42002 (LP + 12", gatefold)
                    White C37875 (Cassette)

7"         "Road to Egg/New Band" by People With Chairs Up Their Noses,
           split single with Plays With Marionettes (Hugo Race).

CD         "Can't Stop It - Australian Post-Punk 1978-1982" (Various Artists)
           features a track by People With Chairs Up Their Noses:
           "Song of the Sea" (1982, previously unreleased)
           w/Mark Barry, David Palliser, Jim Shugg, Jim White
LP         "You've All Got A Home To Go To" by Feral Dinosaurs

LP or CD ? King Idiot

CD    1992 "Screaming at the Mirror III" by various artists contains
           the song "King Idiot" by King Idiot,
           featuring Jim.
                    Giggle Records (Giggle 021, 1992)

CD    1999 "Soaking Wet", by Tendrils, Jim plays drums on
                Raw Feeling
                    Half A Cow Records - HAC 71

12"  2000 "'Neath The Puke Tree", live EP by Smog from
          a concert in Austrlia features Jim on "I Was A Stranger"
                    drag city / domino 

Mick Turner

CA         "Kitchen Classics", a cassette of songs by Mick's and other bands, put out
           by himself.

7"         "Committed To Suicide" by The Sick Things: Mick's first band.

LP/CD 1981 "The Sounds Of Silence" by The Sick Things.
                    Shock Records

LP         "Fungus Brains" by Fungus Brains.

12"/  1983 "Ron Pisto's Real World" by Fungus Brains
CD         an 8 track 12".
                    Dr. Jim's

12"        "That's Right" by Fungus Brains
           an 8 track 12".

LP    1984 "Thirsty's Calling" by The Moodists.
                That's Frankie Negative
                Bad Cabin
                Some Kinda Jokes
                Do The Door, My Friend
                Machine Machine
                Pure Gold Flesh
                You Could Be His Killer
                Swing George
                Thirsty's Calling
                Boss Shitkicker
                    Red Flame RFA39
                    Red Flame/Virgin 206 308 (Germany)

7"    1984 "Runaway" by The Moodists.

7"    1985 "Enough Legs To Live On" by The Moodists, who
           featured Mick as second guitarist.

LP    1985 "Double Life" by The Moodists.
                Double Life
                Enough Legs To Live On
                Chevrolet Rise
                That's How You'll Cryry
                Can't Lose Her
                Six Dead Birds
                    Red Flame RFM 44

LP    1986 "Romance Of The Fungus World" by Fungus Brains

LP    1989 "I'm So Glad" by Fungus Brains

LP/CD 1997 "Tren Phantasma", Mick Turner solo album.
                Sinking Fish
                Leave The Light On
                In the Morning You Can Hear The Birds
                Floating Kate
                Beautiful Hairy Cow
                Sailor's Lament
                Over The Oceans
                Mel To Adders
                Tren Phantasma
                Secret Reprise
                    Drag City, DC 138 CD/LP

CD    1997 "Lost Blues And Other Songs", by Palace Music, Mick plays on
2LP             Lost Blues
                    Drag City 110
                    Palace Records 16
                    Domino, WIGCD 33

EP    1999 "Bonnevill" by Bonnevill
           (Mick Turner and Jessica Billey)
                El Nopal
                Blue Kite Dog
                Elsa Sass 
                Bella's Orchard 
                Tomorrow's Keys 
                    Travels In Constants Volume 2  

LP/CD 1999 "Marlan Rosa" 
                Rosa I
                Marlan I
                Arana I
                Marlan II
                Borracho Sol I
                Rosa II
                Borracho Sol II
                Arana II
                Marlan III
                Borracho Sol III
                El Arbol
                Arana III
                There's A Great Burning Red Moon
                Marlan IV
                    Drag City, DC175 (US)
                    Spunk (Australia)    

2LP   2000 "Chicago 2018... It's Gonna Change" compilation contains an
2CD        exclusive Mick Turner track called "Sunny Xmas Day".

CD    2000 "The Nature of Systems", album with various artists includes 
           Mick Turner with the song
                Carny's Dance
                    Carbon Records CR25

CD    2001 "Pelican" by Bonnevill
           (Mick Turner and Jessica Billey)
                Midnight Driver
                    Instinct Records, ins7002 (USA)
                    Bella Union, bellacd703 (UK)

multi - instrumentalist Warren Ellis
CA    ???? "The Nursing Mother's Christmas Carols" mail order only cassette
           on which Warren played flute.

LP    1986 "These Future Kings", self-titled mini-lp by this band
           in which Warren played violin or organ.

7"    1986 "Bury My Bones/ The Liar's Been Found", by These Future Kings.
           Warren on violin and vocals!
                    Rampart Releases - RR048

LP    1988 "Carnival", by These Future Kings.

LP/CD 1994 "I Had A New York Girlfriend", by Robert Forster violin on
                Locked Away
                Echo Beach
                    Beggars Banquet BBQ 161

LP/CD 1994 "Love Of Will", by David McComb
                    White D31071
                    Mushroom 74321 19226 2

LP/CD 1994 "You Wanna Be There But You Don't Wanna Travel", by Dave Graney

LP/CD 1994 "Rumour Of Death", by Spencer Jones, Warren plays on
                Where's Your Soul
                Execution Day
                The Demon Cup
                    Red Eye CD RED 41 25347 2

CDs   1995 "The World's A Girl", by Anita Lane, Warren plays
7"         on the title song.
                    Mute Records, CDMUTE 177

LP/CD 1995 "Three Legged Dog" by The Cruel Sea,
           backing vocal on
                Give Me Back My Thing

LP/CD 1995 "Li-Lo-ing" by Crow. Warren plays violin on
                    Au-Go-Go/Warner 2068300005

LP/CD 1996 "Intoxicated Man", by Mick Harvey, Warren plays
           on the song "Bonnie & Clyde".
                    Mute Records, CD STUMM 144

LP/CD 1997 "Nighttown" by The Walkabouts. Warren plays on 
           Forever Gone and Nightbirds.
                    Virgin Schallplatten GmbH, 7243 844280 2 0 (CD)

CD    1999 "Record" by Kim Salmon & The Business. Warren co-wrote the song
                    Half A Cow HAC86

CD/CA 2000 "Punishing Kiss" by Ute Lemper. Warren plays violin on
                You Were Meant For Me (written by Neil Hannon) 
                Streets Of Berlin (written by Philip Glass) 
                    Decca, 466 473-2 (cd) or 466 473-4 (ca)

Warren Ellis - as a Bad Seed

Warren first appeared on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' Let Love In album from 1994 on the songs "Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore" and "Do You Love Pt.2". Since 1995/6, he has become a true Bad Seed, and was involved with the albums Murder Ballads (1996) and The Boatman's Call (1997), as well as on the singles that came with these albums. Check out the full Bad Seeds discography for more details.
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