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EWE rx antenna for 80 meters

The EWE antenna was first described by Floyd Koontz, WA2WVL in QST from 2 February 1995. As I get a lot of questions about my EWE herewith a description..

The antenna is an aperiodic inverted U which is operated against ground.. Coupling to the coax to the rx is via a 1:3 transformer (same circuit as a beverage antenna). The other end of this short antenna is grounded via a resistor of 700 - 1000 Ohms, depending on the hight and length of the horizontal wire.

I use 4x3.3k 1W-resistors in parallel. The 1/4 W resistor I started with burns oput as soon as I use the AMP (400W) for transmitting. (The tx antenne is right above the EWE).

If you want to use this antenna, reading of the qst article is recommended, it contains dimensional data for various applications and bands.

At my location, which is very noisy, it is indispensable.

Next project is a 3-wire version which is switch-rotatable in 3 directions. (One transformer, 2 relays, 3 resistors).

Rein Couperus, PA0RCT, 5521NX Eersel,
The Netherlands (PA0RCT@qsl.net)