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Articles on Construction and Techniques

16mmNGM Group Construction Project ("Les Belles")

16mm Electronic Guide
Andy Watkins's pages based on wisdom culled from the 16mmngm mailing list.

16mm scale De Winton "Idris"
Dave Watkins's Live Steam Page. Contains among much other interesting information the "words & music" to build your own Idris and plans in DXF format for CAD programs.

Accucraft Ruby. Things to do with,
Part of Vance Bass' Small-Scale Live Steam Resources., this page gives some illustrated suggestions for "Ruby" modifications.

Brazing Book
Lots of useful information on brazing from the North American firm of Handy & Harman. Brazing is the joining of metals through the use of heat and a filler metal – one whose melting temperature is above 840F(450C) but below the melting point of the metals being joined. (A more exact name for the brazing process discussed in this book may be "silver brazing," since in most cases the filler metal used is a silver alloy).

Building West Clare Railway F501
Paul Backhouse describes step by step with photographs, how he built a 16mm scale model of the West Clare Railway's F501in aluminium. The prototype was a Walker 107 bhp diesel locomotive built in Wigan, UK. The model a hefty battery powered "diesel" which Paul has fitted with radio control.

Cardboard Coaches ...
A topic with adequate coverage:

cube_red.gif (107 bytes) Colin Binnie describes the classic multi-layer-card approach in a downloadable document illustrated with some of his inimitable sketches. "The Cardboard Coach in Three Acts" (an MS-Word file of about 340Kb)
cube_red.gif (107 bytes) John Rogers describes on his website how he built a bogie coach from card. Details of the coach sides were drawn using a simple CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) package and printed in colour directly on to card using an ink jet printer.
cube_red.gif (107 bytes) John Angell has, as a separate initiative, prepared artwork for other cardboard coaches intended to be constructed using the simple one-layer approach. These can can be downloaded from the e-group's Files Section folder "Cardboard Coaches" . Some instructions are also available (MS Word format). N.B. If you are not registered with Yahoo!groups and follow this link you will be asked to register before gaining access to the files.

Carl Malone's Drawings Archive
Drawings of: Electronic Water Level Gauge, Draincock simulators, John Dewar's Water Level Detector and Cane Car Drawing

Chassis for a Tyro
This article comprises a series of contributions to the mailing list in which Colin Binnie describes, with the latheless beginner in mind, how to make a simple electric chassis. Skills needed are: the ability to clamp some sheet metal together, and drill a few holes in it (not necessarily in the right place) and a very modest skill at sawing and filing. There is also a bit of simple soldering involved.

Colin Binnie's Workshop Jottings
Colin admitted on the mailing list to having contemplated doing a book of workshop jottings. He sent me some pages to look at and I've put a few here by way of experiment. I'm not sure about the time they'll take to load, whether they'll be legible etc.

"Cracker" a tiny live steamer for gauge-0 by Ernest Glaser
Ernest has published drawings in book form for this mini live steam loco.

Cylinder Lubricator for Mamod
Rob van Dort describes a simple but effective solution for lubricating the cylinders of the Mamod

Darjeeling B-class loco models by Ernest Glaser
Article describing and showing a batch of three of these loco's built by Ernest Glaser of Tilburg, Netherlands.

De Winton Boiler
How to improve the efficiency of the vertical boiler as used on models of "De Winton" type locomotives.

Drill Sharpening
Tips on how to keep twist drills sharp by our resident consultant engineer...

Gas Burner
Drawings from which a "gas poker" type burner can be made for use in a centre flue type boiler. 

Gas Tank
Drawings from which a gas tank suitable for use with above burner can be made. The tank uses the Ronson type filler valve. 

Gas pressure regulator
Drawings and description of an automatic gas pressure regulator by Ernest Glaser and Felix Heufke.

Home made "Dacre"
Arie Verbeek, Erik-Jan Stroetinga and Dick Summerfield are scratch building a 16mm 0-4-0 live-steamer based on Peter Jones' "Dacre". Here are a few photo's of the first stages.

Kerr-Stuart 'Brazil' loco
Modelling the Kerr-Stuart Brazil Class 0-4-2ST locomotive in 16mm scale. - A construction series on the web by Keith Bucklitch.

Little Steamers and Their Boilers
Articles by the late Jack Wheldon covering theory and practice of his:
- firebox for pot boilers.
- "porcupine" boiler.